Does experiencing great music move your soul?  Do you love the feeling of watching a professional musical artist perform their craft up close and personal?  Does the sound of live music performed just for you take you places in your mind?  If being able to see the expressive face of a performer, watching their mastery on their instrument, hearing the clarity and beauty of that expression leaves you with a feeling of connection, creativity,  excitement, and just simply feeling good all over then we have just the thing for you….

Welcome to the Troubadour Trail!

History of the Troubadours

Troubadours were traveling musical artists, typically of knightly status, (* a recognized highly skilled professional performer in our modern terms) that originally traveled throughout the Northern and Southern regions of France entertaining in the palaces and ballrooms of royalty, nobles, and the artistic community. This tradition continued throughout Europe. These type of artistic performances are also recorded historically in the Middle East and Asia as well.

Exclusive Home Concerts

The artistic expression of musical performance taking place in intimate exclusive settings is a much sought after worldwide tradition that dates back to before the 11th Century. Today this tradition continues to thrive all over the world, with ‘The Troubadour Trail Concert Series’ leading the way throughout the southwestern United States.

Keeping The Music History Alive

We can never lose the history of music, from the beginning of time, man/woman have created music to tell stories and to socialize, we keep history alive.

Supporting Musicians

Troubadour Trail is about supporting musicians, helping them book gigs and showcasing their talent to exclusive groups through private home concerts. All musicians are invited to register for the Troubadour Trail. If you are a musician interesting in being on the call list and learning more about the Troubadour Trail program, you can register for free.


L. Jay Morton

L. Jay Morton

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Gigi Rock

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